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Reciprocal advertising with a twist

Build your small business and your neighbors with RecipIT

Join forces with other local businesses for collaborative advertising.


Advertisers pre-buy the products of Facilitators to use as an advertising vehicle to promote their own business.

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Facilitators make it easy. They offer their products discounted or free sponsored by the advertisers.

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As part of the team, each individual gets more than they bargained for at every step, and the focus is on them. They visit local small businesses to redeem offers and tell their friends and family about RecipIT.

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Reciprocal marketing with a twist

You may be a business owner, but attracting new clients is your focus. The saying goes, control your marketing, control your business.  RecipIT is all about helping you do just that, at an extremely low cost, yet highly effective way.
RecipIT uses Reciprocal Advertising as the lowest cost form of advertising available. With RecipIT, you get to keep your retail margin, while creating word of mouth advertising, which is free.

Here's how it works

We team you up with a noncompeting business that agrees to
help you market yours. That business buys your product or service in the form of a discount and offers it to one of their customers.

RecipIT works like this: Let’s say you own a small pizza shop and your neighbor is a barber. Well, everyone needs a haircut and who doesn’t love pizza? Both you and your neighbor, the barber, always need new and repeat customers. Working with RecipIT, you can offer your customer a discount on a their pizza sponsored by the barber.

So, your customer gets a discount on their pizza (sponsored by the barber), a discounted haircut, and your neighbor (the barber) gets a new customer!

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