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Facilitators make it easy.

Facilitators help other businesses while helping themselves.

Join forces with other local businesses for collaborative advertising.

A Facilitator helps other businesses, but also helps them. A Facilitator offers their products at a discount on their products or services paid for by another non-competing local businesses. It’s a gift to their customers – and often an unexpected one.
Think about it. One of your customers receives a discount on a product from a local business when they check out of your store. It’s a surprise, an unanticipated one. They leave your business smiling and will most likely spread the word about it to all their friends and family. This causes more visits to your store, looking for the same treatment. And why wouldn’t they? You have been acting generously, a trait customers will want to repay with return visits and new purchases.

Facilitators are interested in maintaining their retail margins while promoting other businesses at a little cost and in a highly effective way.

Sign up now and begin helping other businesses and yourself.

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